Acolyte Training


The selection of new Acolytes is the responsibility of the Parish Priest.

New Acolytes are required to be at least 21 years of age and to have functioned as Senior Servers for at least three months prior to Acolyte Training.

It is recommended that they be Instituted Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.


The Acolyte Training program for the Archdiocese of Perth is carried out bi-annually. The next training program will be conducted 2020.

Parish Acolyte Renewal Resources

Ministry Review Sheet

This resource is offered as one way of gauging how an acolyte is feeling about their ministry, an if support is needed or changes made. It is suggested that an acolyte complete the sheet when they are renewing their five year facility of service.

Parish Acolyte Renewal Resources

Five Year Renewal Form

In the Archdiocese of Perth, permission to regularly exercise the ministry is at the discretion of the Archbishop and at present is granted for a maximum period of five years, following which the Acolyte may apply for a further period of service.

Parish Acolyte Renewal Resources

Discontinuation of Acolyte Ministry Form

Form 1

This form is to be competed and returned to the Centre for Liturgy by those who no longer wish to act as active Acolytes in the Archdiocese of Perth.

Parish Acolyte Renewal Resources

Movement Form

Form 2

Relocation form to be completed and returned to the Centre for Liturgy by an Acolyte who relocates his ministry to a new parish.

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Archdiocese Guidelines

Guidelines for Acolytes, Altar Ministers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

These guidelines are offered as the fruit of the experience of the Perth Church in regard to the development of the ministries of Altar Ministers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Acolytes