Parish Altar Server Coordinator Training

Junior Altar Servers

The Altar Servers’ special ministry is to take part in the procession to and from the sanctuary and assist in areas pertaining to the altar and ambo allocated to them.

They assist with the smooth flow of the liturgical rite, enhancing the spirit of worship and prayer.

Altar Servers enable the priest and the congregation to celebrate the Eucharist in a worthy manner.

Junior Altar Servers should normally have made their first Holy Communion.

Senior Altar Servers

Senior Servers are Altar Servers 17 years old or older.

Their formation and training should cover the same material as Junior Servers, but designed for older participants.

Men and women may serve.

They may assist with the distribution of Communion if they are Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion.

They may assist with the distribution of Communion as an ad-hoc Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion, if needed.

In the absence of an Acolyte for a particular liturgical celebration a Senior Server does all that is required to facilitate the dignity of the celebration under the supervision of the parish priest or chaplain.

Training and Formation

Altar Servers play a very visible part in parish liturgy. Their training and formation programs take place at parish level. In keeping with the special dignity of this ministry of service within the sanctuary, opportunities for continuing education, reflection and renewal need to be provided by the parish.

The proper training of servers, especially the young, is most important and should be the responsibility of one or two people in the parish so that uniformity and consistency can be maintained.

Young servers particularly need practical training and rehearsal of their roles especially for ceremonies with which they may not be familiar such as Holy Week or Christmas. This should be provided at regular intervals to ensure that standards are maintained.

For the young person, their time of altar service plays an important part in their personal spiritual growth. From time to time they should be given formation appropriate to their age through short reflections, seminars, social activities.

Archdiocese Guidelines

Guidelines for Acolytes, Altar Servers and Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

These guidelines are offered as the fruit of the experience of the Perth Church in regard to the development of the ministries of Altar Servers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Acolytes


Parish Altar Server Coordinator Training Workshop

The Centre for Liturgy offers training for Parish Altar Server Coordinators based on the GIRM and the Archdiocese of Perth guidelines.