Guidelines and Resources

Guidelines for Altar Ministers, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion and Acolytes

These guidelines are offered as the fruit of the experience of the Perth Church in regard to the development of the ministries of Altar Ministers, Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist and Acolytes Archdiocese of Perth guidelines.

2018 Edition

Acolyte Renewal Form

In the Archdiocese of Perth, permission to regularly exercise the ministry is at the discretion of the Archbishop and at present is
granted for a maximum period of five years, following which the Acolyte may apply for a further period of service.

Acolyte Ministry Review Sheet 

This resource is offered as one way of gauging how Acolytes are feeling about their ministry, and if support is needed or changes made.

Form 1

Acolyte Discontinuation of Ministry 

Any Acolyte wishing not to continue in the active ministry before the conclusion of five years is expected simply to notify his parish priest and the Centre for Liturgy of that fact.

Form 2

Acolyte Acolyte Movement Form

All active Acolytes are expected to keep the Centre for Liturgy informed of any change in the parish in which they are being invited to exercise their ministry as a permanent arrangement.