Liturgical Music Resources

Archdiocese Guidelines
Raise Your Voice to God

Liturgical Guidelines for those preparing Eucharistic Celebrations.

Archdiocese Guidelines
Sing a New Song

Guidelines for Choosing Music Preparing Eucharistic Celebrations with Young People.

Parish Music Resources
Choosing Music for a Funeral
Parish Music Resources
Choosing Music for your Wedding
Musical Settings for the New Translation of the Mass

The Six Recommended Settings are:

Mass of St Francis by Paul Taylor (new)* Published by the Archbishop’s Office for Evangelisation, Archdiocese of Melbourne, distributed by the Catholic Bookshop []
Mass of Our Lady, Help of Christians by Richard Connolly (new)* Published by CanticaNova (USA), distributed by Willow Publishing
Missa Magis by Fr Christopher Willcock sj (new)* Published by OCP (USA) []
Mass of Christ the Redeemer by Bernard Kirkpatrick (new)* Published by OCP (USA) []
Mass Shalom by Br Colin Smith cfc, revised by Paul Mason* Published by Willow Publishing []
Mass of Glory and Praise by Paul Mason (new)* Published by Willow Publishing []

Other Mass Settings

Willow Publishing [] has published:

Common Things Divinely Mass by Richard Connolly*:
Notre Dame Mass by Richard Connolly:
Mass of Mary MacKillop by Joshua Cowie*:
Mass for a Pilgrim People by Peter Grant:
Mass of Creation (2nd edition) by Marty Haugen*
Mass of God’s People by Erica Marshall
Missa Santa Clara by Erica Marshall
Mass of the Saints by Paul Mason*
Mass of Freedom (2nd edition) by Maggie Russell*
Voices Together by Maggie Russell
* Willow has also produced a Mass Booklet for the Assembly, which contains the melody lines of the eleven settings marked with an asterisk in the lists above.

Litmus Productions [] has published Mass Jubilee & Mass of Celebration by Michael Mangan.

Perth musicians Joseph Orifici and Richard Harris have published Mass of the Faithful. More information is available from ” Richard Harris.

The ICEL has composed new chants for the people’s and the priest’s parts of the Mass. These are included on the DVD Become One Body One Spirit in Christ.

Parish Music Resources
Music for Remembrance Day 

Resources for Remembrance Day 2018

Universal Prayers

Music List

Song for Remembrance Day

(Music Score- Choir)

Song for Remembrance Day

(Full Music Score)

Parish Music Resources
Music Resource List
Parish Music Resources
The Liturgy of the Triduum
Parish Music Resources
The Parts of the Mass – A  Guide of what should be Sung.  
Parish Music Resources
The Liturgical Year in Song 

Music Selections for the Season of Easter Year B

Parish Music Resources
The Liturgical Year in Song 

Music Selections for the Season of Advent Year B

Parish Music Resources
The Liturgical Year in Song 

Music Selections for the Season of Christmas Year B

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