Musicians Monthly Newsletter

Alessio Loiacono, the Music Field Officer at the Centre for Liturgy, writes a monthly newsletter titled- ‘The Musician’s Monthly’ for Parish Musicians.  The purpose of this newsletter is to keep in touch with parish musicians from the Archdiocese of Perth and others who are looking for prayers and music suggestions to assist them in their preparation of the liturgy.

During 2019 a particular focus for the Newsletter is the Vatican II document on the liturgy- Sacrosanctum Concilium (The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy). The reason for focusing on this document during this year is because when we come to the First Sunday of Advent this year (1 December), that day will mark fifty years since the Mass was first celebrated in its current form. Consequently, this year provides liturgical musicians (and others) with the opportunity to revisit this important document and examine its application to the liturgy.

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