November Feast Days

November 1

November 2

All Soul’s Day 

November 4

Memorial of Saint Charles Borromeo

November 11

Remembrance Day

The Solemnity of the Assumption this year was also the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. With this in mind, Alessio Loiacono and Chris deSilva composed an original hymn text and tune to reflect the Solemnity of the Assumption and the fact that it coincided with the end of World War II. Their hymn text, titled Serving our Country and Beyond, uses four titles of Mary in the refrain: Our Lady, Star of the Sea; Our Lady, Queen of Peace; Our Lady, Help of Christians and Our Lady of the Assumption. These four titles of Mary are used to invoke her protection on our armed forces – ‘whether by land, air or the sea’.

Alessio has also composed original music for the setting of the prayer The Memorare by Saint Bernard of Clairvaux (1090 – 1153), whose memorial falls within the octave of the Assumption on August 20. This prayer is also suitable to commemorate the sacrifice made by members of the armed forces during wartime as it prays that our petitions do not go unanswered and that we will fly to Mary’s protection. This setting of The Memorare has been composed as a solo piece for use in the liturgy.

The Basilica of Saint Patrick was chosen since many of those who signed up for World War II would have left from the Port of Fremantle. We gratefully acknowledge the Director of Music at the Basilica of Saint Patrick, Dominic Perisinotto for the use of the organ for these recordings.

November 9

Feast of the Dedication of the Lateran Basilica

November 10

Memorial of Saint Leo the Great

November 11

Memorial of Saint Martin of Tours

November 12

Memorial of Saint Josaphat

November 17

Memorial of Saint Elizabeth of Hungry

November 21

Memorial of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary 

November 22

Solemnity of Christ the King 

November 24

Memorial of Saint Andrew Dung Lac and Companions

November 30

Feast of St Andrew the Apostle