Proclaimers of the Word

Are you willing to fully prepare and give of your time to become a Proclaimer of God’s Word for your community?

This Ministry is the oldest and the most important of the ministries in the church next to the priesthood. It is through the proclamation of  the Word that the people are engaged and directed to a deeper understanding of God’s message.

Training Proclaimers

Those who proclaim the Word of God are to be in full communion with the church and willing to give their time to develop a deeper understanding of the scriptures so they can better appreciate and know what they are to deliver. The Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy requires that those who are to proclaim God’s Word need to “”be qualified and carefully prepared.

The Centre for Liturgy offers courses for the preparation of those involved in this ministry.

Proclaimers of God’s Word

Training for Proclaimers of the Word based on the GIRM and the Archdiocese of Perth guidelines.

Resource for Readers
Proclaimers Handout

Brief outline of the role of the reader with extracts from the GIRM 2012 Edition.

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Archdiocese Guidelines

Live in Proclaim God’s Love

A handbook for readers in parishes and schools.