Acolyte Training Program

Training Program 

The acolyte is instituted for service at the altar and to assist the Priest and Deacon.

This training course is 7.5 hours and presented in three 2.5 hours sessions.

The selection of new Acolytes is the responsibility of the Parish Priest.

Acolyte Training Course

There is a communication that has come from Rome regarding the inclusion of women in Instituted Ministries.

  1. Spiritus Domini modifying Canon 230,1 of the Code of Canon Law, regarding access of women to the ministries of Lector and Acolyte.

Archbishop O’Regan, who is Chairman of the Bishops Commission for Liturgy, has informed the Bishops of Australia, that while these ministries are now open to both women and men it is necessary to wait for the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments to issue the revised Rites of Institution for these lay ministries.

The Congregation is currently in the process of rewriting these Rites.  Attached to this revised publication of the Rites will be the required prerequisites and the formal formation required before people receive these lay ministries.  Once these rites have been approved the necessary training programs will be put in place and you will be contacted about nominating appropriate candidates to be instituted into these ministries.

There will be no intake of new Acolytes this year 2021 given the above directive.  The current Acolytes in your parish will continue to exercise their ministry under your guidance.